How Do Ductless Heating and Cooling Systems Work?

January 10, 2021
Updated July 19, 2023

Ductless temperature systems are designed to operate as a heat pump. This means that they can operate in both directions and be used to heat or cool as needed. Duct-free equipment can provide you with a cost-effective cooling and heating solution.

Basics of a Ductless System

Also known as a mini-split system, ductless products can be used in single and multiple rooms. They are built to move warm air from the outside in and send hot indoor air outside. Each unit is placed to serve a specific area of the home or can be combined to benefit larger areas. Replacing each unit at the end of its useful life is easy and cost-effective to do.

About Ductless Air Distribution

Typical configurations place a ductless unit on an exterior wall. The unit is then linked to the outside air through a small conduit or opening drilled through the wall. The air used by the unit is pulled through the opening and delivered either indoors or outdoors by a blower. Multiple units can link to a single outdoor unit, with each one being operated separately from the others.

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Ideal Locations for Best Operation

Because ductless systems run without additional ventilation, they can be used in many circumstances. Homeowners with older properties can use them without adding a ducting system. Rooms that are difficult to heat and cool are perfect places to install a ductless unit.

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