A working plumbing system is vital for any homeowner in Conroe, TX. This is why you should keep up with regular plumbing maintenance. People assume that as long as there are no leaks, everything is fine. While most plumbing elements can serve you for a long time, they will begin to wear with continued use. A plumbing check-up can help reveal underlying issues within your plumbing system that you can remedy quickly.

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    Have a skilled plumber inspect your system often to keep it in good working condition. Preventive maintenance includes checking faucets, unclogging slow drains, and fixing faulty seals around the toilet. The plumber will also periodically snake the sewer lines to prevent clogging, inspect the septic tank, replace damaged hoses, drain the water heater, and clean the shower head. A plumbing check-up results in improved water quality. Note that pipes experience regular wear with time. Rust and loose metallic components may get into the water and contaminate it. Leaking pipes also contribute to bacterial growth. A plumber can rectify these issues to keep your water safe for consumption. Fixing leaks and taming a continuously spinning water meter will help lower your bills. A well-maintained plumbing system also improves water pressure.

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    A plumber can easily spot faulty areas and fix them early enough to prevent plumbing emergencies during tune-ups. If you ignore a small leak, it can cause pipes to burst, damaging your floor, walls, ceiling, and other valuables. Frequent maintenance improves indoor air quality, too. Cracked pipes lead to humidity issues that make a house uncomfortable. Humidity also promotes molds and mildew growth. Breathing mold spores can trigger an asthmatic attack, allergic reactions, and other respiratory illnesses. So, plumbing maintenance will help promote better health for you and your family.

    It is cheaper to fix minor issues than to rework the entire plumbing system. Your plumbing system will also run smoothly and last for years. Well-maintained plumbing improves the value of your property.

    Signs that your plumbing system needs maintenance include:
    • Frequent clogs
    • Water discoloration
    • Knocking sounds on wall
    • Foul odors from drains

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