New HVAC unitMy Guys Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning here in Humble, TX has become synonymous with excellence in heating and HVAC repair, installation, and maintenance services. We have built our reputation from the ground up by servicing the vast indoor comfort needs of homes and businesses in Humble. Our experienced, NATE-certified technicians know the importance of keeping our clients’ systems up to par. Well-running systems not only impact comfort but indoor air quality as well.

    Heating and Cooling Repairs

    If you hear strange sounds in your system or notice a reduced flow of air, it is time to call the professionals. These issues are indicators that something in the unit needs immediate attention.

    Here are a few more signs that indicate possible trouble:

    • Poor heating or cooling resulting from wear and tear of parts
    • Leaking water
    • Overheating caused by dirty filters
    • Problems with the pilot
    • Worn evaporator coils

    Your furnace or air conditioner unit is a complex system of integral parts that work together for maximum functionality. If one part malfunctions, it could impact other areas and, indeed, the entire unit. So, if something is not right, don’t do guesswork. Malfunctioning units can be a major safety hazard as well.

    HVAC Installation Services in Humble

    There comes a time when you will need to replace your old system. This is usually after 10-15 years. When you are frequently scheduling repairs, the most efficient route may be to get a new, efficient model. Or, perhaps you are getting a brand-new installation. Whatever the case, our technicians can advise you on which unit is best for your home or business.

    They can answer your questions about the installation process, what ratings mean, and what the function of various parts are. And, upon approved credit, we can offer an array of financing options that make an affordable installation possible in Humble.

    HVAC Maintenance Company

    You may want to stay on top of any problems with your system. Our annual maintenance plan includes a thorough cleaning and filter replacements. We can service your unit so that it continues to run efficiently throughout the intensely hot summers or cold winters. Our technicians can give your unit a thorough, professional inspection to determine or thwart any problems that may be on the horizon.

    When they complete the inspection, they will advise you on the best path forward. If you keep your HVAC system problem-free, the benefits increase. You can expect improved air quality and a system that functions at its optimal best. Paying less on your energy bills is a big bonus as well.

    Contact My Guys Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning in Humble if you need any heating or cooling repairs, maintenance, or installation services.