4 Easy Steps to Reset Your Furnace or Heat Pump

January 13, 2022
Heat Pump vs Furnace in Conroe, TX

Resetting your furnace is an easy and effective way to solve various heating problems. Above all, it will save you time and money by preventing costly repairs or replacements. Many homeowners in Conroe, TX, experience furnace issues because of a faulty pilot light or filter at some point. Here are four easy steps that will allow you to reset your furnace or heat pump.

1. Shut Off Your Furnace

You must first cut power to reduce the risk of electrocution and fire when resetting your furnace. You only need to locate and flip the light switch outside your furnace. If you have an older furnace, you might have to turn off the breaker. From there, you should shut off the gas, oil, or propane supply depending on your furnace.

2. Remove the Front Panel

After all the electrical components have shut down, you can remove the front panel. You only have to lift or to pull it out of the slot. If your furnace has two panels, you should only remove the one without screws. Next, remove the air filter to inspect it for dirt and debris. You can use warm water, a brass brush, and a cloth to clean the filter if it is dirty. Dirty filters are the leading causes of poor heat or airflow.

3. Check the Thermostat

You should also check your thermostat before rebooting your system. Be sure to turn the heat up on the thermostat before the reboot. Then, ensure that the control unit is set to heat so that your thermostat will kick on when you reset it. If your furnace has a digital control unit, you can only set it to heat after rebooting it.

4. Reset the Furnace

After that, ensure that everything is perfect and then close the panel. From there, you should turn on your furnace by flipping the light switch and breaker back on. Wait at least 30 seconds for your furnace to kick back on. You should also ensure the pilot light is lit.

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