5 AC Compressor Problems You Should Know About

July 18, 2022
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Your air conditioning system consists of several components. The three primary components include the compressor, the evaporator, and the condenser. Out of these three, the compressor plays a bigger role when it comes to the normal functioning of your AC unit. Considering the great deal of work it performs on a daily basis, a compressor can break down if not properly maintained.

1. Issues With the Motor

There are several reasons why the compressor can malfunction. Some of the common causes include overheating, lack of lubrication and the presence of liquid refrigerant. The refrigerant is supposed to be in a gaseous state when getting into the compressor. Problems with the motor are likely to cause operational issues.

2. Incorrect Pressurization

Your AC compressor pulls in and lets out refrigerant in a pump-like action. This can only happen if the right level of pressurization has left the compressor. Conducting regular maintenance can help a technician to detect and fix any pressurization issues.

3. Electrical Problems

There are two major areas where your compressor can develop electrical issues. The first one is through wiring. It is common for wiring to corrode and affect the flow of power inside the AC unit. The other common electrical problem in your compressor has to do with a capacitor. Every compressor has two capacitors. Your compressor will not function normally if either of them is affected.

4. Clogged Suction Lines

Refrigerant lines get older as time goes by. The frequent change in temperatures they are under throughout their lifespan can make these lines develop holes and cracks. Damaged lines can inhibit the compressor from freely circulating the refrigerant around the AC unit.

5. Insufficient Refrigerant Charge

Air conditioner compressors generate cool temperatures by pumping and circulating a refrigerant throughout the refrigerant lines. If you believe that your air conditioner is low on charge refrigerant charge, then the best thing would be to contact an HVAC professional.

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