Do Freezing Temperatures Affect the Operation of a Heat Pump?

October 20, 2022
Heat Pumps in Conroe, TX

In the wintertime, the job of your heat pump is to keep your rooms warm and comfortable. But what happens to the performance of your heat pump when temperatures drop really low?

How Do Heat Pumps Operate?

A heat pump takes warmth from the outdoor air and sends it through a compressor in the system. That supply of warm air travels inside your home to heat your rooms.

Do Heat Pumps Work in Freezing Temperatures?

Yes, heat pumps can work even in freezing temperatures. A heat pump can find warmth in the air even when temperatures drop below 25 degrees Fahrenheit. Of course, a heat pump must burn more energy to find warmth in the air on extremely cold days.

Preparing Your Heat Pump for the Cold Weather

Naturally, you want your heat pump to be ready to face the freezing temperatures of winter. One way to accomplish this is to arrange for maintenance service from an HVAC professional.

During a maintenance appointment, an HVAC technician checks the refrigerant level in the heat pump. A low level of refrigerant doesn’t allow a heat pump to accomplish its purpose.

Examining the condition of the reversing valve is another important maintenance task. This valve needs to be in good working order so that the heat pump is able to switch modes.

Checking and cleaning the coils are other critical steps in a maintenance appointment. These coils need to be able to absorb and release heat in an effective way.

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