Important Maintenance Items for Your Home’s Furnace

September 21, 2023
Furnace maintenance in Conroe, TX

Here in Conroe, TX, we’re fortunate that it doesn’t get too cold in the winter. However, that doesn’t mean your home can afford to go without a functioning furnace. That’s why regular furnace maintenance should be a part of your yearly HVAC service plans. Here are the most important maintenance items our technicians can take care of for you with a yearly visit.

Air Filter Replacement

During a furnace maintenance visit, our expert HVAC technicians will inspect your furnace’s air filter and replace it if necessary. This is something that needs to be done approximately every three months while you’re using your furnace. And if there’s anyone in your home with allergies or respiratory difficulties, you may need to change your furnace air filter every one or two months, instead.

Heat Exchanger Inspection

It’s the job of your furnace’s heat exchanger to take the heat generated by the combustion process and transfer it into the air that circulates through your home. If something goes wrong with your heat exchanger, your furnace may not function well—or at all. So, during every maintenance visit, our technicians will thoroughly inspect your heat exchanger to make sure it’s ready for the coming winter.

Burner Inspection and Cleaning

Another essential component of your furnace that needs regular maintenance is its burner. Our technician will shut off the gas to your furnace, remove its burner, and then inspect and clean it. This will ensure efficient combustion and extend the life of your furnace’s burner considerably.

Blower Cleaning and Lubrication

Our technician will also clean your furnace’s blower and lubricate its fan. This will prevent the motor from wearing out prematurely and ensure proper airflow throughout your home. It will also prevent unnecessary dirt that evaded your air filter from making it back into your home’s air when you turn on your furnace.

Your Furnace Maintenance Partner

Our team here at My Guys Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning would be happy to be your go-to HVAC service partner here in Conroe. We offer expert HVAC services, including installation, maintenance, and repair, as well as comprehensive plumbing services, too. So, when you need furnace maintenance in Conroe, call My Guys Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, and we’ll get right on it for you!

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