Indoor Air Quality Problems for Fall

September 20, 2021
Indoor Air Quality in Conroe, TX
Updated July 19, 2023

When the fall months are upon us, it is easy to forget about your indoor air quality until it is too late and you start feeling sick. You may also find it harder to breathe in your home because of the air quality. If you or a family member notices that the air doesn’t seem as clean as usual during the fall months, it’s time to get your indoor air quality tested.

Dust Mites

In the fall, you may notice that it is harder to breathe because of dust mites. While you always have them, the fall months are sometimes worse because we are in the home more often. To get rid of as many dust mites and dust mite droppings as possible, steam clean carpets and furniture monthly. Also, wash bedding weekly to get rid of dust mites and keep the air fresher.

Issues With Humidity

Whether the humidity in your home is too high or too low, both situations can make it harder to breathe. Humidity that is too high can cause mold to grow. Also, humidity that is too low can make it dry and hard to breathe as well. You may need a humidifier or dehumidifier if the problems are extreme.

Less Air Circulation

If your home is well-insulated for winter, this may also mean that the air isn’t moving as much. This issue can make the air more polluted in your home. Increased air circulation is necessary for good indoor air quality.

Unstable Fall Temperatures

If the temperatures in your home are unstable, it could mean that the indoor air quality suffers. Checking your programable thermostat daily and adjusting it more often can help keep the temperatures more stable, so you have better air quality.

Contact the Indoor Air Quality Professionals!

At My Guys Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning in Conroe, TX, we offer services to help you improve the indoor air quality, such as checking air filters, installing filtration systems, and ensuring your home has a humidifier or dehumidifier if needed. We also offer heating, air conditioning, maintenance agreements if you want help with scheduled services. Contact My Guys Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning today for more information.

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