Is Furnace Repair or Replacement Better?

October 19, 2023
Furnace replacement company

Determining the best care for your furnace can be difficult when you don’t know what issues it’s struggling with. Whether you need to call for repairs or a full replacement, it’s best to take care of your furnace concerns before the start of winter. Consider this helpful info when determining the ideal service for your heating system.


Repairs are typically the better option if you have a younger furnace that’s struggling with minor inefficiency issues. While maintenance can eliminate many of the most common heating system problems, you may still run into issues if a belt or motor suddenly fails. Professional repair services will handle most unpleasant smells, heating inconsistencies, and high energy bills. Homeowners with active warranties may also not have to pay the service costs if the problem relates to a material or craftsmanship defect.


Opt for a replacement instead if your system is older than 15 to 20 years. At this point in its life span, repairs won’t be able to keep it running for much longer. Outdated units require more frequent professional service during the year. All of these costs, in addition to the high energy consumption of an older system, can put a heavy strain on your budget. On top of the higher bills, you may also have to face safety concerns from a cracked heat exchanger to faulty electrical connections. When choosing how best to care for your system, you should always consider the cost of the service and how long you expect your furnace to last.

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