Is it Time to Replace a 25-Year-Old Furnace?

November 13, 2023
Furnace Services in Conroe, TX

A 25-year-old furnace will not operate at the same level as a brand-new furnace. It’s nearing the end of its average lifespan of 15 to 30 years. So, it seems like the answer to that question is obvious. However, there are factors to consider before making that choice.

Increasing Utility Bills

Rising gas or electricity bills could be because of chilly temperatures or increasing taxes. An old furnace can contribute to higher energy bills, too. Older furnaces use more energy to run than newer models. The way to tell is by comparing energy bills from previous years to this one. If it creeps up higher year by year, it’s time to save up for a new furnace. The furnace works twice as hard to maintain the same standard as it used to.

Frequent Costly Repairs

One side of the coin, routine maintenance, is twice a year. If you are contacting a technician to repair your furnace more than twice a year, it’s time to browse for a new unit. The other side is paying hundreds to thousands of dollars in costly repairs. Money spent to buy a new motor, heat exchanger, or another expensive repair can go toward purchasing a brand-new unit.

Unfamiliar Noises

A furnace will make noise during operation. It should not make noises you have never heard before. A furnace making noise is a sign of the motor or heat exchanger playing out. If you hear strange noises from the unit, contact My Guys Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning to diagnose and repair the unit. We also have furnace replacements on standby.

We Can Answer That Question for You

A routine maintenance tune-up from My Guys Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning can make that decision an easy one. We can repair your furnace so it continues to run, or you can replace it with a new unit. Add us to your contacts for AC, plumbing, and indoor air quality needs. For your next repair, replacement, or maintenance checkup, contact My Guys Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning.

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